The Klittens
for fans of… Pixies, The Moldy Peaches, Pip Blom, Goat Girl

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Since their birth in 2018 The Klittens have climbed from the cracks of the Amsterdam underground indie and onto some acclaimed stages. Mixing the catchiness of pop and fuzz with a hint of dark post punk, they’ve crafted a sound that’s truly and twistedly their own.

What initially began as an outlet, both creatively and politically, mutated into a musical life mission for its members. Their DIY approach, from songwriting to booking shows and tour management, is what make The Klittens the ragtag bunch of misfits they are. The band consists of Yaël Dekker (vocals), Winnie Conradi (guitar), Katja Kahana (guitar), Marrit Meinema (bass guitar, not on press picture yet since she’s a recent new band member), and Laurie Zantinge (drums).

Their most recent EP ‘Butter’ released on March 8th 2024 on streaming services and limited edition vinyl. With singles such as ‘Universal Experience’, ‘Atlas’ and ‘Reading Material’, the EP got the attention of magazines such as So Young Magazine, NME, La Blogotheque and Under The Radar, and got support on both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6. The EP is a follow-up to The Klittens debut-EP ‘Citrus’ which was released in April 2022 and led to international press and shows in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Last January, The Klittens went on a tour throughout the UK for Independent Venue Week with Dutch befriended bands Personal Trainer and Real Farmer. Now The Klittens return to the UK for their first headline tour since the release of their EP ‘Butter’ and can’t wait to present the EP live for their audience.

For ‘Butter’, The Klittens explore their tastes on a further scale and dive deeper into their songwriting skills. The demo of each song was written by a different band member and later developed into a complete whole in the rehearsal room with the entire band. That is why you hear five slightly different ingredients on the EP that were later melted into a five-song EP, an EP called ‘Butter’

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