Hire Fee

Hire is technically free for 18+ shows. You pay the house sound engineer £80 directly for his day. If you want your show to be 14+ we charge an additional £25 hire charge towards door stewards cost. You are expected to be or bring your own cashier. Hire is paid directly to the sound engineer on the night of your show.





Age Restrictions

The venue is 14+, those aged 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult, this applies to performers as well as patrons.



We can do all or part of your ticketing if you require. We pay you for your ticket sales on the night of your show and provide a list of ticket buyers as well.



We require 28 days notice for a cancellation or else the full hire fee is payable.



Your listings, band photos, videos and bios will be put at www.sneakypetes.co.uk, where we receive around 4000 hits per month. The more information you give us the more we can put up.


We advise using Hanging Rock for indoor postering. They charge £50 per 200 A3 posters. Check www.hanging-rock.co.uk


Illegal Advertising

By agreeing to hire Sneaky Pete’s, promoters also agree not to illegally advertise, whether this be flyposting, chalking, or any other form of graffiti.


Backstage Facilities

Please note that there is no backstage area at the venue. We keep space for Merchandising, and cases etc can be stored here.



Aside from load-in/out there is no parking outside the venue until 6.30pm. We advise parking nearby on Chambers St after load-in, and then parking outside the venue after 6.30 when soundchecks are complete.



Is either through the front door, or direct to stage via side fire exit. It’s a very short trip and crew are not required.



We do not supply any amps or drums sorry. We can help with hires if you need.



73 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JW

Main Venue Number: +44 131 225 1757

Web www.sneakypetes.co.uk



Venue / Diary nick@sneakypetes.co.uk

Tech engineer@sneakypetes.co.uk



These times are for example purposes, but load in, doors and curfew times don’t change.

1500 access if required

1600 headline load in

1630 sound check

1730 Supports load in

1800 Supports Sound check

1900 Doors

1940 Support 1

2020 Support 2

2100 Headline

2200 Strict Curfew


Tech Spec


D&B Audioteknik

2 x C6 top with D12 amp

2 x C7 subs with P1200 amp

No problems creating >110dB at mix


FOH Desk

Allen & Heath Qu24



4 monitor sends

4 x Logic Systems LM15 wedge

2 x Logic Systems


2 x dB powered wedge if extra sends are needed



6 x SM58 vocal

2 x Beta 57 instrument / vocal

1 x Beta 52 kick

1 x Beta 91 kick

2 x Beta 56 instrument mic

1 x e602 kick mic

1 x e604 drum mic

2 x e606 gtr amp mic

4 x Radial Mono DI

2 x Radial Stereo DI



4m x 2.5m, 535mm high, monitors on platforms off stage