From Birdrock doon the brae – Sorrowhearts on tour

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”From Birdrock doon the brae – SORROWHEARTS on tour”

When Sorrowhearts were starting up ten years back, the idea was to play Scottish-inspired folk-rock – music that the band soon named as ”Powerfolk”. Well, the market for this kind of music may be a bit small near the arctic circle, but very soon the band was to be known as the hardest working (and probably the only one of it’s kind!) Powerfolk band in Finland.

Being a lifelong fan of Scottish music Sami, the leader of the band, was once again at a Big Country gig in London when he met a Scotsman called Brian. They became friends immediately and it wasn’t long until Brian found himself at a Sorrowhearts gig in their hometown Tampere – An industrial town in southern Finland divided both by the river and it’s history. Since then the band members have visited Scotland several times and there’s always been talk about the possibility of playing gigs in Scotland.
After five albums and well over a hundred gigs in Finland they are now ready for Scotland. The gigs take place in Burnmouth’s Village Hall, at The Tavern Bar in Eyemouth and in Edinburgh at Sneaky Pete’s.

The band feel a strong sense of about the power of music and also a willingness to “give something back” and if is for this reason that the Borders gigs will be in support of good causes. The Village Hall gig in support of the RNLI and The Tavern in support of Eyemouth United U16’s.

”The miles from Gorbals to Drunkard’s Bay / And from Birdrock doon the brae” – the lines from ”All Our Hearts Together” from their latest album ”Where The Good Men Go” tell everything about the love Sorrowhearts have for Scotland and also about the specal bond between them and their Scottish friends. So, Scotland – are you ready for Sorrowhearts’ Powerfolk? Ready or not – here we come!

Sami Ala-Lahti: Vocals, Guitar
Mika Eino: Electric Guitar
Antti Häikiö: Fiddle
Juha Kokkonen: Drums
Vesa Mäkinen: Accordion
Jukka Tuomiranta: Bass

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