The OC Presents: Yellow Helen And Some Hella Swell Fellas

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Wacky Indie fellas Yellow Helen play their second headline gig with support from Bad Protagonist Club, The Orange Tiles and Liam Baker.

Yellow Helen play a fun and funky brand of indie rock with infectious melodies and lyrics that will hover around your mind for days demanding contemplation of them. Fingers will be clicking and hips will be swaying as these lads lay down a tight instrumental over which many a melodic moment will entrap and arrest you.

Bad Protagonist Club have eventually gotten off of their lazy backsides and released a debut single ( They’ll be sure to sing their throats raw belting out the ending, resulting in an extremely attractive and ‘cool as heck’ coughing fit for your entertainment.

The Orange Tiles are up and coming Edinburgh psychedlic rock darlings with a tendency, or further, a fervent desire to seduce listeners with swirling guitars drenched in reverb being held together by the industrial glue-like tight drumming of their famous Flying Dutchman. Be sure to look out for what is certifiably the best song about taking public transport into space…a tune and a half.

Liam Baker provides an endless plethora of talents as his singer/songwriter performances frequently lean into and blend with his passion for multi-media arts ensuring you’ll never quite get the same show twice!

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