Willie J Healey + Holy Loaf

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Songs are inspired by aliens, space and the extraterrestrial.

I’m writing to apologise for my recent behaviour, and to set the record straight on a few things.

It turns out that sound-proofing a garage is pretty damn hard and to get the guitar tone I like I have to turn my amp up all the way, otherwise it sounds like the beach boys throwing up.

All at the same time.

In harmony.

I’m sure you understand.

I am particularly embarrassed about the burger wrapper that blew into your pond.

Who knew fish would want to eat that stuff?

Anyway, I hope they’re now ok.

I think I’ve managed to recover all of the clothes that were taken from your clothes-line.

I personally didn’t find it funny when Eddy dressed up in your wife’s clothes, but you’re only 20 once.

Unfortunately the midnight tones are essential – but I’ll be more selective about who I invite over in the future.

I’ll also try to be more careful about knocking your bins over with my car.

The trouble is that it’s quite long and really awkward to turn.

Oh and for those who asked, I call it surf rock.

But whatever, Homemade stuff all sounds the same to me.

Come hang with me sometime.

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