Pleasure Heads + ørmstons + Moonlight Zoo + Fiendz

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Pleasure Heads – Falkirk four-piece Pleasure Heads channel the aggressive nature of the seminal Australian post punks into urgent guitar pop songs that propel indie rock into the present day.

Ørmstons – Ørmstons are a 4-piece Indie/Rock band from Leeds. Formed back in January 2016, they have been gigging and writing continuously. They have gained a supportive fan-based around Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and London, especially since the release of their latest single ‘Mexico City’.

Moonlight Zoo – A primal mix of funky pop, beastly beats & growling riffs punctuated by sensible nonsense sang in three part harmony.

Fiendz – Fiendz are 4 eggs from the Southside who write hard boiled and scrambled punk

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