The Zangwills + 32 Tens

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The Zangwills are a young, North West based band. Each member brings very different influences to the mix and this, along with Jake’s unique voice, is reflected in their distinctive sound which is instantly recognisable as The Zangwills. Described as being, ‘Like nothing else out there, an immensely valuable quality when so many bands disappear into a slurry of sameness’ – by Getintothis.

They are a charismatic band who are generating a lot of interest as their unusual, youthful vibe and energy sets them apart. The four-piece have a reputation for delivering strong performances which has gained them a growing army of enthusiastic followers who seem to be prepared to travel in significant numbers to watch them play live and can somehow already sing along to the lyrics even before the tracks are released.

‘The Zangwills took the stage by storm’ – Gigsandtours

‘You are immediately drawn in from the start of the set’ – Northern Alive

‘The chorus is divine and The Horrors of Sobriety can reasonably be described as a true banger’ – Halfway 2 Nowhere

‘A young band with a lot of talent’ – The Pentatonic

Patio Paradise – ‘from the initial riff the song has you hitched…. singer Jake’s unique and distinctive voice coupled with a chorus impossible to not sing along to, The Zangwills have smashed it’ – Popped Music

‘Next up, the bloody wonderful @thezangwillsuk’ – Sound City

Named after the classic 90’s Nokia phone, 32 tens are a retro video games and music obsessed indie outfit from the Northwestern town of Warrington. The band pioneer a unique blend of sing-along northern indie anthems with modern urban lyrical flows and authentic themes. They played their first gig in September 2017 to a crowd of more than 3000 people supporting Billy Bragg and Maximo Park.

Their first single Insane Asylum was released the same month followed by Lost in October 2017 which was playlisted and recommended by Spotify resulting in over 630,000 plays to date.

‘Sings like his Mum’s just told him to turn his X-box off’ – Robbie Williams

‘Quirky style, distinctive vocals and an endearing cheeky charm’ – Getintothis

‘These boys rock in a whole ‘indie’ style of their own’ Aurovine

“if you’ve got somethin’ to say, well you should go ahead and say it, don’t be afraid of your own words” – Max Vickers – 32 tens – Lost 2017.

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