Crème Fresh: The Last Dance with Ring Ma & DJ Cheers

It’s here, the grand finale, our pièce de résistance, the last dance.

Since 2014 we’ve been working on Crème Fresh. First we had the radio show which we loved doing and soon after we moved to the physical format and started doing club nights. Over the 50 something radio shows and about a dozen parties we’ve got to collaborate and party with some of the best local and international artists in the game while having the time of our lives. Like all good things though, Crème Fresh must end.

We’ve both moved on from Edinburgh and with many of our core friends gone also it seems like the best time to write the final chapter.

For the party Duncan (Ring Ma) will be joined by DJ Cheers of Teesh, Liam will sadly only be able to be there in spirit. We’ve also been kindly allowed to throw our last shindig in Edinburgh’s number one dance spot Sneaky Pete’s where we had so many of our formative clubbing experiences (many of which came as a result of DJ Cheers’ own parties).

So please, come join us to send Crème Fresh off as we came in, smiling and listening to good tunes.

£5 all night and on till 5 am


A special thanks to Freshair, Colvin, Jennie, Fergus, Jordan, James, Ollie, Sholto, Alice, Nic, Dan, Darrel, Heidi, Ben, Nick, Chris, Nikki, Jake, Derek, Logan, Kornel, JD, Sean, Henry, Debi, Fin, Nick, Mani, Ewan, Samin, Harry, Ryan, Matthew, Philip, Sam, Matt, Andrea, Frankie, Cammy, Kieran, Gavin, Adam, Alessandro, Johnny, the Mash House staff, Tom, Ryan, Oscar, Stereoscope, EH-FM, Bertie and Henry. Sorry for any omissions but if you feel you’re owed thanks you probably do and we’re grateful.

pce x