Central Belters: Savage Mansion, Happy Spendy, Yung KP

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Central Belters is our new series of shows showcasing the best of an extraordinary new wave of bands from Edinburgh, Glasgow and the towns between. This tunelled garage-punk show is a class way to start – with a headliner at the nexus between so many other brilliant bands.

Led by Craig Angus (Poor Things, Martha Ffion), Savage Mansion features a revolving cast of musicians that typ- ically includes Taylor Stewart (Breakfast Muff) and Andrew McPherson and Jamie Dubber (Catholic Action). They make a wild sound: a clattering, rattling runway train of a band with basslines that drive like locomotives and guitars that screech like brakes.

Their incoming ‘The Document EP’ was recorded at the legendary Chem19 studios with Jamie Savage and will be released on Pictish Trail’s Lost Map label.

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