Skinny Pelembe, Lunir

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With a sample-hunting, studio-meddling mindset, Skin- ny Pelembe’s music roams hazy, psychedelic tangents. Supported by Gilles Peterson and his Browswood Future Bubblers programme, Skinny is a sparkling multi-instrumentalist tapping into strains of Afro-tipped soul.

Born in Johannesburg, growing up in Doncaster, he poses a quadruple threat – he produces, plays guitar, sings and MCs, tapping into a unique, in uence-weaving sound.

Hugely on the rise, his combination of spoken word, hip- hop, jazz, lo- dance and high-strung funk means fans of The Roots, Toro Y Moi, Erykah Badu and Akala should all take note: this is a hot show with extraordinary tight and funky band that will make you want to shake down.

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