Telfort’s Good Place: Smallpeople

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YAS! Finally back to Sneaky Pete’s and hot on the heels of the club turning 10 years old! ???

The last bit of good placin’ in January with Karima F feels like a really long time ago already (and was insane!!) so I’m super excited to be back and especially to have Smallpeople over again after they joined me exactly 2 years ago already somehow.

As two of my favourite DJs in the world (and to play with) I felt it was time to bring them back for another round. A recent 9 hour set with them at Golden Pudel for ‘Smallville & Friends’ amongst other joint appearances and crossing paths since that crazy night back in 2016 confirms the need to repeat this at last!

As you might be aware, Smallpeople are Julius Steinhoff & Just von Ahlefeld aka Dionne (Dionne Smallville). Together they run the brilliant Smallville Records label and store located in Hamburg, releasing some of the best house music ever, including their own productions like the Salty Days LP and then the work of Move D, Christopher Rau, Moomin, Lawrence and STL. Meanwhile, Smallpeople have released legit classics of their own on labels like Underground Quality and Laid.

Hope to see you there!

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