Sneaky Petes’ 10th Birthday Big Day Out

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A Magical Mystery Tour of three rooms you have almost certainly never danced in, not all of them on dry land, and one that you definitely have!


Prosumer & Kate Harahan’s Dance Cafeteria!
Soul Jam‘s Floating Disco!
Juice & Heaters‘ Executive Lounge!
Miss World – Edinburgh‘s Hold Music

Civerinos Slice Delivery!
New T-Shirts!
Craft beers n that!
Free dinner buffet!
All sorts of giveaways!

4 groups of 30 in each tour – just 120 total!
Choose a group with your friends!
Earlier arrivers get a longer better party!
Everyone gets to meet up at the end!

Afters at Sneaks to be recorded and broadcast on Worldwide FM’s Global Roots, showcasing the Edinburgh scene and featuring:

Thris Tian (Global Roots / Boiler Room)
Percy Main (Lionoil)
Andrea Montalto (Riviera Paraiso)

Coalition crew:
Gav Miller
Liz Louise
Dj Believe
+ more tbc!

5am license TBC!!!

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