Snax Trax – Sarah Maria Elvira [R&S]

As well as featuring new releases, The Snax Trax blog profiles DJs, writers, musicians and internet nerds, who each choose three of their favourite tracks – one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.


Not content with being main girl in Holland at R&S Records, Sarah also pulls strings as a partnerships/PR manager at Pause. Having worked with, in and around music in one form or another for a number of years Sarah has developed a broad and extensive musical knowledge. It is a knowledge that has seen her try her hand at a number of roles shape shifting from DJ / producer to promoter and now label manager.

Honed through her A&R experience Sarah has an insatiable hunger to unearth, discover and develop new talent and, of course, find new records:

“I’m always open for new stuff, new music etc, and helping people out. I like working on the background, support new talent, that’s who we do it for. oh and records.”

In keeping with Dutch tradition, Sarah has an affection for deep / darker sounds (clearly audible in her selection below) citing her latest record purchase as Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient records. So as they say in Holland; “Eetsmakelijk ” (enjoy your meal!) Here’s Sarah Maria Elvira’s Snax Trax!


  • Breakfast

‘Fluxion – Motion 1 (Traces Album)’

Motion 1 from Fluxion’s Traces album on Echocord is one of my favorite tracks to listen to in the morning. I love looking outside the window while enjoying a cup of tea and slowly waking up, hearing Fluxion’s subtle and carefully arranged sounds in the background. I don’t think this track or album need much explaining, the pleasant and soothing ambience speaks for itself.


  • Lunch

‘Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Rework)’

The weather is getting better and summer is coming, so it’s time to have more lunches outside. Don’t you just love it when the sun is shining on your still pale winter-face while you’re eating some sweet, juicy fruit? I do, especially while listening to one of those classic tracks that still gives you a warm feeling on the inside. For those who don’t know, it originally came out around 2005 and got remastered and reissued in 2013. Oh, and to all of you fuckers labeling your non deep house tracks as deep house, listen to this, learn from it and change your god damn tags kids.


  • Dinner

‘Julien Neto – Voy (Le Fumeur De Ciel)’

After a good meal I often tend to get a little after-dinner dip, so I lay down on the couch to relax. Julien Neto’s melancholic but also quite sensual track Voy is something I really enjoy listening to at a time like this. I love subtle dark music, organic but clean sounding tracks with a deep deep bass. And with the right music, like Voy by Julien Neto, you’ll now slowly drift away from reality. Time to go to bed folks.