Fri 6th May 16 at 7.00pm
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November Lights are a talented Glasgow five piece led by singer songwriter James Hopkins. Harnessing bold, pop ambition with song craft that belies their age, the band achieves a sound that’s unusual for their West of Scotland roots – bleeding American pop influences such as One Republic and John Mayer with alternative indie rock favourites like Kodaline, The 1975 and Ben Folds Five.

The band feature on a number of ‘one’s to watch’ lists for 2016, marking them out as future festival headliners. Check them out on their debut headline tour.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Young Fathers
Fri 6th May 16 at 11.00pm
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YOUNG FATHERS DJ Set for Human Appeal International *SOLD OUT

Good friends of the club, Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers are playing a class DJ set for our fundraiser towards the international refugee crisis, donating their fee to Human Appeal International

They are fantastic and diverse selectors as shown in this i-D magazine mix.

This is a cause dear to our hearts and the band’s as well. Sheila, mum of Sneaks boss Nick has been out in Leros for the past month, setting up a kitchen in a receiving centre where Syrian and other refugees can get immediate care and shelter for a few days.

Come out and party for a good cause!

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 7th May 16 at 7.00pm

STEAL THE SUN, First Tiger, The Radars

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 7th May 16 at 11.00pm
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So far this year we’ve collaborated with Ultragroove on three occasions, welcoming Heller & Farley and OOFT! to the capital. For our fourth party together we’ve invited along someone who we (Hectors) first enquired about back in July 2013 and who played for Ultragroove on a couple of occasions in 2009/10, Scottish deep house hero, Milton Jackson.

Barry Christie aka Milton Jackson got the house music bug aged 18 after receiving an MPC2000 for his birthday. A year later he released his first EP on Stevie Sole’s label, Tronicsole, which was picked up by Roger Sanchez for a Mixmag compilation. 3 more EPs for Tronicsole followed and an album for Glasgow Underground entitled The Bionic Boy in 2001. Bionic Boy received plaudits from Tom Middleton, Ashley Beadle and Laurent Garnier. Jockey Slut called Milton the most exciting thing to happen to UK house music and awarded the album 5 stars!

Jackson went onto release material on our past guest Jimpster’s Freerange label, as well as the likes of Tsuba, Crack & Speed and Silver Network. In 2008 Milton’s most successful single to date, Ghosts In My Machines, was released and went onto become the biggest selling deep house track of the year on Beatport, later winning an award for Best Deep House Track. 2009 was topped off spectacularly with a win in the DJ Awards in the Deep House category. Milton picked up his award at Pacha in Ibiza alongside the likes of Pete Tong, Luciano and Sven Vath! More recently Jackson has released on Planet E, Delusions of Grandeur, Saints & Sonnets and 8bit Records. Jackson has played all around the world at many of the key venues, parties and festivals including Womb Club in Tokyo, Rex Club in Paris, Cocoon in Frankfurt, The End in London, Tresor and Chalet in Berlin, Flux in Leeds and Sonar in Barcelona where he performed a live set in front of 7000 people!

Having taken a couple of years out for family time, Milton is back on the scene and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming him to our bimonthly shindig at Sneaky Pete’s this Saturday (07/05). Milton will play a 3 hour set and Edinburgh Don, Gareth Sommerville, is on warm-up duties. As usual, we’re running a free guestlist for those who arrive early doors…..text 07450 220 272 to be added. We’ll hopefully see you this weekend for what promises to be a superb evening of music.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Onra Small
Sun 8th May 16 at 9.00pm
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Night Music:
ONRA (LIVE) + Jaisu

Globetrotting producer Onra has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers of the past few years, thanks to releases like his Chinoseries collections (made from scratch with samples found while traveling Asia) and the acclaimed Long Distance LP.

All the while, his electrifying live MPC performances around the world – everywhere from the Red Bull Music Academy in Bucharest and Giles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival, to LA’s down-and-dirty bass sanctuary the Low End Theory – add new dimensions to the cosmic grooves Onra puts on tape.

With his first release for Fool’s Gold, the Deep In The Night EP, Onra continues to chart new musical territory. The EP’s five tracks meld the snap of vintage jheri curl R&B with squggling disco synths and deeply funky, late-night vibes.
From the new jack swinging “After Hours” (featuring T3 of Slum Village) to the moody, screwed loops of closer “Hold Tight,” Deep In The Night‘s cut-and-paste danceability proves a must-listen for any occasion.

He released a collaborative Jazz album with fellow french composer Buddy Sativa, under the name of Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo. This spontaneous side-project displays another side of his musical experiences into the world of Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz. Released in April 2013 on All City.

He recently “Fundamentals” on May 15th 2015, an Hip-Hop/R’n’B album with various vocal contributors such as Daz Dillinger, Doppelgangaz, Black Milk, Do Or Die, Suzi Analogue, etc…

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Screenshot 2016-03-24 20.48.42
Wed 11th May 16 at 7.00pm
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“Belako is energetic and infectious four-piece from Spain. They have an extremely hypnotic stage presence, but with quality and capacity to make audiences move. They’ve played around Europe with slots at Primavera Sound Festival and Santander Music Festival.

Post-punk and electronica mixed with pop beats with a distinct grunge sound.



Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Fri 13th May 16 at 7.00pm
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YUCK, Soda Fabric, The Van T’s *Sold Out*

One of our all time favourite bands are back with their new album, Stranger Things, released 26 February 2016 on Mamé Records.

Though Yuck has been a band for less than a decade, the London-based garage-pop outfit has already managed to cram what feels like a lifetime of Behind The Music-worthy experiences into their backstory. Formed in 2009, when most of the band members were still in high school, the group quickly garnered attention for their early singles (2010’s “Georgia” being a standout) and in 2011—after having already toured with the likes of Tame Impala—they released a self-titled debut album (the gloriously fuzzed-out Yuck) to critical and commercial acclaim. This early success was followed by the departure of founding member Daniel Blumberg in 2013 and the induction of new guitarist Edward Hayes. The band promptly got to work on a sophomore album (2013’s Glow & Behold) in upstate NYC whilst overcoming the anxiety of a lineup change and the realities of a bug-infested recording studio. As rock and roll stories go, theirs is not an uncommon one—or even an outrageously dramatic one—but for frontman Max Bloom, the path has felt almost comically arduous. “It’s so cheesy, the whole thing,” he says. “Being in a band really is like Spinal Tap. There’s so many situations in music rockumentaries that actually echo my life, it really is a giant cliché.”

Cliché or not, the path that Yuck has taken has seemingly all been leading up to the band’s excellent third album, Stranger Things, a record brimming with manic energy and pop hooks for days. Released online last summer, the record’s first song “Hold me Closer” is a visceral primer for what the rest of the record has in store. “I remember the first couple of songs that started the record off, I basically wrote one morning when I was very high on coffee,” says Bloom. “I guess it set the tone for everything that came after that.” To that end, tracks like “Cannonball” come ripping out of the gate with the appropriately buzzed-out guitar sound that made previous Yuck tracks like “The Wall” such epic jams, while “Yr Face” could be a long-lost lover to an old Dinosaur Jr or Built to Spill record. Stranger Things is a remarkably gentle record as well, with tunes like “Swirling”, “Like a Moth”, and “I’m OK” addressing the fears and uncertainties that followed the band for the last few tumultuous years. “‘I’m Ok’ is a very personal song because it’s just about the anxiety I’ve been feeling over the last couple of years. It’s very cathartic to write about in a song, but definitely not easy to speak about,” says Bloom. “It felt important with this record to deal with a bunch of that stuff, clear out the past, and make a fresh go of things.”

Recorded in London over the course of several months at the band’s own pace, Stranger Things reflects the refreshingly un-fraught state of affairs within the group. “The band feels better now than it ever has,” says Bloom, “We recorded the drums in a rehearsal studio by our house, which we’ve rehearsed at for ages. Everything else was done at my parent’s house–in the same room we recorded the first record, which wasn’t an intentional thing. It’s just the only quiet space that we have access to in London! Mostly I wanted to make the in a space that I was comfortable in. I wanted no one else involved–just me and Ed and Mariko and Johnny—and to just do it in a way that suited us and not have other people there messing with our vision or whatever. I just wanted to get on with it and make something that was truly us and not affected by any outside influences. We basically spent no money on the record and it was a really relaxed way of doing things. I really, really like it. I’m more proud of it than anything we’ve ever done.”

“I think all records have stress because shit just happens–you lose files, guitar pedals break, stuff like that–and that’s normal. Still, there was a hell of a lot more stress on the second album than there should have been. This time, I wanted it to be fun. I wanted it to be really simple and really fun to play. If a record is not fun, if the songs are not fun for the band, it shortens the time that it takes for it to get stale. I didn’t want to stray too far at all from guitar, bass, drums, and vocals because that’s the format that I fell in love with as a music fan. All my favorite bands keep to those limitations and work within those guidelines. I think it’s what we’re best at.”

Stranger Things is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, finally comfortable in their own skin and in control of their own vision. Having overcome the weird expectations that come with being a buzzed about new band and all the attenuating complications and growing pains that come with it. Having made exactly the record they want to make, the band—who have now sold well over 50,000 albums worldwide—are looking forward to getting back on the road and playing the songs that made them so happy to create.

“We’ll just see where it goes, really,” says Bloom, “It’s difficult to have any expectations because I’m quite a negative person (laughs) so I try not to. But this record is all us–it is everything that we owned and everything that we had. It was just a record that was made completely on our terms. I guess that’s why I’m comfortable with the idea of people liking it or even not liking it. If people don’t like it, then it means they just don’t like the band and I can’t force people to like the band. All we can do is make songs that we love…and we’ve done that.“

YUCK are:
Max Bloom (guitar/vocals)
Mariko Doi (bass, vocals)
Jonathan Rogoff (drums)
Edward Hayes (guitar)

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 21.17.35
Fri 13th May 16 at 11.00pm
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Melting Pot is one of the longest running clubs in the UK, giving DJs such as Danny Krivit, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, Francois K,, Greg Wilson and DJ Cosmo the opportunity to play whatever they feel: disco, house, techno, funk, soul and beyond. None of this would be possible without the fabulously knowledgeable dancers that have taken us into their hearts. The final ingredient is the attention to detail we pay to our sound system which has made it one of the best sounding anywhere, with our guests raving about it!

14 Years and counting of Melting Pot! Vintage UREi 1620 – Check, SME 309 – Check, Dynavector 20×2 – Check

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 14th May 16 at 7.00pm
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CHAD VALLEY plus special guest LOCKAH

Unfortunately this show has been postponed due to extraordinary circumstances. Ticket refund are available from point of purchase.

It’s been a few years since Chad Valley last played a show for us. We are ecstatic to have one of our favourite artists and pals back to Sneaks. The new stuff is feeling pretty beautiful btw.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 14th May 16 at 11.00pm
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TEESH No.34 ~ Sat May 14th

TEESH presents an ‘all you can eat mind buffet’ of open format music mixing from DJ Cheers and Special Guest Andrea Montalto.

Andrea hails from Catania in Sicily where he’s Resident DJ / Collaborator at Ortigia Sound System Festival and lived in Barcelona before moving to Edinburgh. His music tastes demonstrate a sincere passion for Jazz, Disco, Hip Hop, House and World sounds through Africa and Latin America. His favourite labels include 2000Black, Neroli, Early Sounds Recordings, Sound Signature, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Mr Bongo, Far Out Recordings, Rush Hour, Peoples Potential Unlimited and more recently Rhythm Section and 1080p

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
United Fruit small
Sun 15th May 16 at 7.00pm
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UNITED FRUIT, Britney, Marquin

United Fruit display serious trading in all that is heavy, epic and powerfully loud, on a mission to destroy your brain cells and leave you little more than a quivering wreck. It is actually almost too overwhelming to think of how many extraordinary artists Glasgow has to offer. United Fruit are one of their greatest exports. Groups are constantly twisting and breaking rock into new, nasty, noisy pieces and reassembling them in their own aural image. United Fruit are one such band.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Thu 19th May 16 at 7.00pm
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Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 21st May 16 at 10.00pm
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The return of our good Canadian friend and LuckyMe family member Jacques Greene, last seen in Edinburgh performing a sold out show for us at The Caves, as part of a phenomenal tour that included a sold out Camden Roundhouse. Look out for his forthcoming album later in the year on a very special record label.

Young Turks’ Koreless joins him to make this a very special bill. He’s said in the past that his favourite show was at Sneaks, so we’re proud to be able to put him in on a significantly bigger venue.

Hi & Saberhägen, the duo that features Juice resident Kami, are making weird waves in house right now, with their music featured in mixes such as Erol Alkan Boiler Room Residency, and Joy Orbison ‘s Beats In Space. Their forthcoming release on Anthony Naples’ Proibito is another reason to be excited about the quality of music coming out of the Edinburgh right now, so much of which comes from Sneaky Pete’s family.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Prince Square
Sat 21st May 16 at 11.00pm
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What’s to say that hasn’t already been said….?

I can’t think of a single artist that I’ve played more whilst DJing than Prince. Kiss, Bob George, When Doves Cry and perticularly Controversy are arguably all WASABI DISCO classics.

Now that the dust begins to settle on such sad loss we’re gonna get the Purple Rain DVD on a loop and have purple balloons everywhere and party like it’s 1999!

Prince productions, cover visions and influences all night long.


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Wed 25th May 16 at 11.00pm


Breaking through last year with ruff drum tracks Hype (funk) / Bleaker on Unknown To The Unknown, he totally owns his inclusion in Fact Magazine ’25 Best Club of 2015′.

We did a little homework to chase down Glasgow’s Bleaker for a show, only to find out that Witness was one of the first real clubnights he went to, and one that left a lasting impression.

Check the Boiler Room set below to see how he likes to wrap a real tune round a hard boom – it’s a dope set.

This show is just the usual £2 / members free affair, but we expect hype on this one so arrive early.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
PBR small
Thu 26th May 16 at 11.00pm
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PBR Streetgang have shared the booth with many of the greats from Jazzy Jeff to Ricardo Villalobos. They honed their craft at the legendary Asylum in Ibiza and earned respect across the musical spectrum with fans such as Crazy P, Greg Wilson, The Unabombers, Clive Henry and Ralph Lawson. Their unique musical approach, never failing to connect with the crowd, threads Larry Levan’s New York legacy to the Jacking underground beats of their Leeds roots.

Over the last five years, their DJ partnership has evolved into sets which flow effortlessly from Ableton live to the turntables via a piece of circuitry that allows both heads to mix together as one. The duo have a versatile approach of playing that allows them to easily adapting from big Festival stages and main-rooms to smaller basements and backrooms.

PBR Streetgang have also released productions on labels such as 2020 Vision, Red Music, Futureboogie, E.A.R, ISM and Wolf Music and Hot Creations.

This will be some Thursday night!

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 28th May 16 at 7.00pm

DANCING ON TABLES, Vida, Lemonhaze, The Dirty Macs

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sun 29th May 16 at 7.00pm
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LISBON, Indigo Velvet, Rebel Westerns

The most exciting act coming out of Newcastle right now, headed for the big big time, we’ve picked a hot support lineup to play with them as well.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Tue 31st May 16 at 7.00pm
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Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Feast Image
Thu 2nd Jun 16 at 7.00pm
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NOAHNOAH is a new band from Edinburgh, Scotland comprising of an amalgam of established musicians. NOAHNOAH presents a unique look at indie/electro/pop/rock and keep you engaged with close harmony and tight, driving synth. The band have been working tirelessly to bring this exciting new sound to the masses.

In March 2016, NOAHNOAH debuted their track ‘Lips’ to much positive feedback. The band travelled the UK promoting their sound in support of the lovely Kirsten Adamson on a two week tour.

Taking influence from major and local bands – such as Chrvches, Fatherson, Prides, Biffy Clyro and The Killers – NOAHNOAH are currently in the studio recording their latest EP. Facebook

TEEK combine piercing melodies and chunky hooks for an intoxicating live sound oscillating between alt rock, hip hop and pop.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Screenshot 2016-04-05 11.17.44
Sat 4th Jun 16 at 7.00pm
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LOST IN VANCOUVER EP Launch, Return To The Sun, Shambolics, plus special guests Jamie & Shoony

Fortune Promotions is proud to annouce that we will be hosting Lost In Vancouver Ep Launch in June at Sneaky Pete’s. This is one powerful and explosive band who have a great future ahead of them. “What you have seen so far is mearly scratching the surfice of what they have to offer”

From the moment the doors open the night will be kicked into overdrive and we will also be inviting our good friends and speical hosts Jamie & Shoony to come down and get the party going.

Lost In Vancouver are a 4 piece Rock band from Kirkcaldy Fife. Influenced from artists such as Jeff Buckley to Arctic Monkeys. Lost In Vancouver combine a sound of Rock, Britpop and Alternative Rock into their mix. Band includes members

Jim Gellatly –
“From the tracks I’ve heard, Lost In Vancouver have stacks of potential. With comparisons being made to Kings Of Leon and early Arctic Monkeys, it won’t be long until they break out of their local

Support From Return To The Sun & Shambolics

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sun 5th Jun 16 at 7.00pm


Nadia Reid

“Inspired debut by a young New Zealand singer-songwriter you’ll feel you’ve known forever.” **** MOJO

“Nadia Reid’s impeccable debut will maybe set a wider orbit in motion” **** Uncut

“The self assurance of Reid’s voice, artfully undermined by the lyrics, announces an artist wise beyond her years.”Sunday Times (UK)

“For a new artists, her confident grace is all the more remarkable” Pitchfork

“Album Of The Day” BBC 6 Music

**** Sydney Morning Herald

“When I hear a young artist making an album as soulful and rich and self-possessed as ‘Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs’, I feel so thrilled not only for the existence of that record but for all the music they will make over all the years to come”. The Guardian (UK)

“Nadia Reid paints a picture wise beyond her years” Line of Best Fit

“Just listen and lose yourself in it, for it is often glorious.” –

“Reid’s voice cuts a determined path across the dark and at times stormy sea below.” – The Listener (NZ)

“…Gorgeous and engrossing. A wonderful stand-alone gem.” – Simon Sweetman (NZ)

“Love is sold on the promise that it’s better than any solitary satisfaction, so you might as well bet everything on it, time and time again. On “Call the Days”, New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid cuts to the heart of this deception: “I was happy on my own,” she sings in a plainspoken lilt. “I would call the days as they were known.” Yet there’s no trace of vengeance in her deep, capable voice, and the surface of her gorgeous song remains steady, as a raga-like drone anchors rolling acoustic guitar and languid cello. Instead, like Laura Marling or Joan Shelley, the self-assurance Reid had once cultivated acts as its own safe harbour, turning the event into a meditation rather than a rupture. For a new artist, her confidant grace is all the more remarkable.” – Laura Snapes, Pitchfork

“Love is knowing what’s best for yourself. We grasp at straws trying understand what that is, but even in that knowledge, we betray our best intentions to get stupid about another person. On “Call the Days,” New Zealand folk artist Nadia Reid sings, “I was happy on my own / I would call the days as they were known” with a knowing yip, against a droning backdrop of closely mic’d acoustic guitars and longing cello. It’s a heartbroken song, but made self-assured by Reid’s warm, marbled alto. Phoebe Mackenzie and Emily Berryman direct this beautifully shot video for “Call the Days,” as the characters Nadia and Ross travel through New Zealand roads, forests and countrysides. Its muted palette is in keeping with the song’s calm, yet gray skies; they betray the days ahead.” – Lars Gotrich, NPR

A richness of voice; a depth of emotion; wisdom beyond her years; with brand new record Listen To Formation, Look For the Signs, out now on Spunk! Records, Nadia Reid has claimed her place as one of New Zealand’s most evocative and profound young songwriters. With youth spent in the company of folk clubs and the indie scene of Dunedin and Christchurch, Reid connected with the pre-and-post-quake Christchurch music milieu and quickly garnered a reputation among her peers for her penetrating songs belying her young age. In Listen to Formation… Reid presents a maturity that reflects on love and life’s blazes with a measure of intricacy and courage within the melancholy.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Wed 8th Jun 16 at 7.00pm


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Thu 9th Jun 16 at 7.00pm
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Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Fri 10th Jun 16 at 7.00pm
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DAVE ARCARI, Lee Patterson

Alt.blues troubadour Dave Arcari’s sounds owe as much to rash country, punk and rockabilly as they do pre-war Delta blues. Expect gravel-laden vocals accompanied by bottleneck National steel guitar, banjo and stomp box and find out why this hell-raiser has become a favourite on the live circuit across the USA, UK and Europe.

Support comes from award-winning Edinburgh singer/songwriter Lee Patterson.


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Kindness small square
Sat 11th Jun 16 at 11.00pm
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Kindness at TEESH No.35

By turn mellow and electrifying, Kindness channels funk’s rawness and the warmth of house music into what at first glance appears to be pop or R&B, but is actually much more fluid, done with a sweet sense of humour that manages to be knowing and naive at the same time.

Through his collaborations with Philippe Zdar of Cassius, Trouble Funk, Dev Hynes/Blood Orange, Kelela, M.anifest, Robyn, Jimmy Douglass & Solange he has established himself as one of the most exciting talents in popular music production.

Joining us to DJ, we’re so thrilled as he’s responsible for some of our favourite mixes from Beats In Space, Yours Truly and The Fader.

Early Bird Tickets HERE

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sun 12th Jun 16 at 9.00pm
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Night Music: Palmbomen II (Live Hardware Set), EARfATHER

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Tue 14th Jun 16 at 7.00pm


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 25th Jun 16 at 7.00pm

THE PACIFIC BLUES, Kapauldies Garage, The Hazy Shades, The Jacarandas | WTNP

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sun 26th Jun 16 at 7.00pm


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Wed 29th Jun 16 at 7.00pm

CHRISTOBAL AND THE SEA, Should’ve Been An Astronaut, Caro Bridges & the River

The ongoing dispute over explorer Cristobal Columbus’ nationality shows some country disputes will stay unresolved, but others are born to harmonise, in the case of Cristobal And The Sea. The London-based union of Alejandro ‘Ale’ Romero (bass, vocals, Spain), João Seixas (guitar, vocals, Portgual), Leïla Seguin(flute, vocals, Corsica/France) and Joshua Oldershaw (drums, UK) harnesses an altogether fluid, rhythmic and exquisitely melodic energy as colourful and evocative as their band name, forged from different strands of DNA, primarily bossa-nova, Afro-pop and Western folk and rock, but even here it’s varied, as much Animal Collective as it is Arthur Lee’s Love.

This European concoction was first tasted on Cristobal and the Sea’s five-track EP debut Peach Bells in December 2014, and now it’s their equally stunning forthcoming debut album Sugar Now.

Charismatic, charming & beautifully boho, here’s a band embracing life as only the young & carefree know how! You can listen to the first single ‘Sunset of Our Troubles’ taken from their album here:

The rich variety of sound apparent in ‘Sugar Now’ makes it hard to pin down the music’s true origins, “We don’t ever consciously make our music sound like a genre.” says João. Instrumentally, it’s led by Leïla’s jazzy flute as much as João’s bossa-nova preferences: “the Latin element is always there,” says Josh, “but it naturally adapts to whatever theme is most prevalent, whether it’s psychedelic, or more poppy, or sometimes a bit disco.”

A much stronger influence is Cristobal’s willingness to follow intuition rather than more rigid plans. That spirit, and their intrinsic jubilant and bittersweet mix, is infused in their album title. “We struggled to name the record for ages,” admits Ale, ‘Sunset of Our Troubles had a long outro, so Rusty decided we sing over it, but we didn’t know what… Throwing out pure spontaneous syllables, he just blurted “sugar now, sugar now!”… It was the opposite of everything else we’d thought’

I guess it fits with is being sweet and tender!” João suggests, to which Ale adds, “The title is playful and naïve, which is just who we are, and how we are with the music.”

The way the band formed follows suit. Ale, João and Leïla were all international students at Loughborough University; the boys were flatmates who felt somewhat apart from what they discovered to be a sports-heavy campus, and so would often stay in, hosting house parties and jam sessions for friends. Leïla came to one of them, yet it was another year of jamming before the idea of a bona fide band was floated. “We never really took it seriously, there was no ‘we’re going to be in a band and we’re going to make it’ discussion,” says Ale.

But after moving to London after graduation, Cristobal became real. João and Ale flatted with, among others, Josh, which was handy as the trio were searching for a live drummer to replace their drum machine. The quartet’s initial gigs soon paid off, with a publishing deal leading to City Slang, who teamed them with Brooklyn producer Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Beach House).

Seeking a location to inspire them, and chasing the sun as well, the band and producer decamped toLisbon for the album, which allowed Sugar Now to come from a different place. “We’d previously used a lot of effects on our instruments, but when Rusty saw us rehearse, he said not to use any” João recalls. “It meant we had to play in a different way, which made things a bit funkier, and we liked it enough not to put the effects back! So the album is more stripped down and open-ended.”

The lyrics (mostly by João) mirror the music’s dynamic – dreamy, ecstatic and only occasionally melancholic. “It’s about the day-to-day experiences that people have, sometimes fun and sometimes cathartic,” says João. It’s not a dark record, but it has little twinges…”

Some songs are direct and simple, whilst other sentiments are slightly more complicated, The hope and anxiety of romance colours Sugar Now, “but not in any overblown sense, it’s more the realistic form,”Josh concludes. As João says, “It’s about a bunch of people asking for sugar! Everybody needs some sugar in their lives.”

At their own shows, or the recent support for Jose Gonzalez, Cristobal And The Sea have dished out the sugar, and received a lot back from audience and reviews alike. For some, life is sweet…


Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 9th Jul 16 at 7.00pm
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“Scoops” are fresh off a busy few months of touring around Europe with both headline and support slots in great countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK. This is of course on top of finding the time to do their own 7 date tour of their home country of Ireland, further more to this they have been playing shows in many of Ireland’s third level universities (NUI Maynooth, UCD, UCC) and Institutes of Technologies (WIT, CIT, AIT ) this year as well supporting some of Ireland’s biggest acts including Walking on Cars, Hudson Taylor, Hermitage Green, The Academic and more. Yet there are no signs of the lads in “Scoops” wanting to slow down as they took off to Denmark in November for a number of dates and promotional activities following on from their successful summer of playing the main summer festivals in Denmark, this being the country outside of Ireland where the band have arguably had the most success and have played in front of crowds of up to 1000 a show.

Following the Danish tour, they began their UK & Irish tour supporting Keywest throughout November and December of 2015 in which they performed multiple sold out shows in both London and Dublin, as well as further sold out dates up and down the UK and Ireland. Their debut EP was released to the charts going straight in at Number 2 in the iTunes Album charts right behind Adele, 2016 is set to be “Scoops” year both in Ireland and internationally and with the lads attitude to working hard and the guidance they have from people within the industry who is to say there is anything stopping them!

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sun 17th Jul 16 at 7.00pm

THE VELVET OVERGROUND, feat members of Miracle Glass Company, William Douglas & The Wheel, Alfonzo, The Wellgreen, The Holy Ghosts, The Last Battle and MayHeGo

The Velvet Underground are recognised as being one of the most influential groups in the development of rock n’ roll. For one night only, experience the euphoria of hearing all the classic songs played live on stage.

Edinburgh resident song writers and musicians William Douglas (Miracle Glass Company, WD and the Wheel), Daniel McGeever (Alfonzo, The Wellgreen), Jon Mackenzie (The Holy Ghosts), Jon Bews (The Last Battle) and Jamie Dunleavey (May He Go) have come together under ‘The Velvet Overground’ to show their appreciation for the quintessential avant garde pop group.

Doors are at 7pm and the band are on stage at 8pm sharp for two hours of Velvets songs featuring an original 60s oil wheel light show.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Fri 29th Jul 16 at 7.00pm
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YOUNG STATES, Concrete Kingdoms, Robyn Herdman

Norwich based four piece Young States have announced the release of their debut EP ‘Down To You’ on the 7th of August 2015. With two members having only just turned 18, Young States are a young band, aiming high. Rather than taking their cues from the flavour-of-the-week trends, the overproduced sounds of the ’00s, or the race-to-the-bottom intentional lo-fi pretenders, Young States play the sort of rock reminiscent of the genre’s halcyon days. You know, when rock and roll was simply rock and roll. Formed at the end of 2014, the band met at Access To Music in Norwich. Libby was on a sound engineering course, the others on a music performance course. Amy got Young States together as she was bored of seeing male band after male band, and wanted to form an all female group. She approached the others in the corridors of college after seeing them carrying their instruments. With a love of Brand New, Arcane Roots and Mallory Knox, Young States quickly wrote and recorded their debut EP ‘Down to You’.Young States first single ‘No More’ received TV play from Scuzz TV, as well as support from Amazing Radio and BBC Norfolk Introducing.

Concrete Kingdoms

The electrifying foursome Concrete Kingdoms, from Dunfermline, have been around since summer 2014. Formed by frontman Neil and Lead Guitarist Ben, the band has gone from strength to strength. With influences such as Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden and Stereophonics, Concrete Kingdoms have brought heavy rock music back to life. In recent months the boys have recorded demos of just some of many songs on their musical roster. This summer you should expect an official single release thanks to their recent signing to independent record label, Flat 14 Records.

Young, Scottish, haunting keyboard based rock, Robyn Herdman is an 18 year old aspiring singer/songwriter.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.
Sat 3rd Dec 16 at 7.00pm
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After an incredible year of touring supporting Simply Red, Suzanne Vega and Boyzone plus a full UK & Ireland headline tour of his own Ben Montague is back with his new single ‘We Start Over’.

Co-written with Jez Ashurst (Jamie Lawson/Little Mix/ Melanice C) & Charlie Grant (Simply Red) and produced by Peter John Vettese (Take That / Annie Lenox / Bee Gees / Ronan Keating), this is by far Ben’s most honest and heartfelt record to date. Taken from his third studio album ‘Back Into Paradise’, which reached number 14 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts in September 2015 and was pushed back up to number 17 in March / April 2016. Ben’s latest single “We Start Over” made Radio 2’s Record of the Week, and was kept on the A and B lists for over 6 weeks.

Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.